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Henry Ford was never satisfied with the status quo. When he introduced large production plants and the first moving assembly line, the auto industry was forever transformed. It’s with that spirit of revolutionary change that Engineered Floors creates the highest quality carpet—in terms of durability, softness, beauty, and ease of maintenance.



Our proprietary PureColor solution-dyed fiber is superior to traditional piece-dyed fibers. Imagine the difference between a carrot and radish (see the interactive comparison below).

Historically, solution-dyed carpet was a premium, only something a consumer could have if they were willing to pay for it. Modern manufacturing technology and logistics keep PureColor affordable for any homeowner. Our product stays within the four walls of our state of the art manufacturing facility, from the extrusion process until it ships out to our retail customers.

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Our manufacturing process uses…


Less Energy


Less Greenhouse Gases


Less Water

Disruptive Technology


The color on traditional carpet fibers sits on top like the red skin of a radish.

PureColor-Radish-Comparison PureColor-Carrot-Comparison


With PureColor, the color penetrates the fiber like the orange of a carrot.

Doesn’t Fade

Doesn’t fade from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight.

Won’t Wear

Won’t wear, even in high-traffic areas and has built-in soil resistance.

Won’t Bleach

Won’t bleach from spot cleaning with household cleaners.

Resists Staining

Resists staining from things like red wine, chocolate, and pet stains.



TwistX utilizes a twist multiplier to deliver industry-leading durability in synthetic fiber. It consists of 33% higher bundle sizes, meaning each square foot of carpet has more yarn and higher densities.

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No Latex

PureBac offers unprecedented flexibility and dimensional stability with no latex.


No Odor

No latex or glue means no odor.


Pet Friendly

Pet accidents do not break down PureBac.


Protected Backing

PureBac carries a 10 year WET delamination warranty for your protection.

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Easy to Clean

Breathable PureBac, coupled with PureColor solution-dyed carpet, makes vacuuming and stain removal a breeze!


Freshness Protection

PureBac features Ultra-Fresh, an environmentally-friendly carpet treatment that protects the carpet from odor causing bacteria and the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus.

Easy Install

Lighter weight than traditional backing, PureBac is easier to move and is soft and flexible. PureBac won’t scratch baseboards or walls.

ENSIGNIUM® is the latest and most advanced technology in engineered waterproof flooring.

• Unlike alternative floors, ENSIGNIUM® does not use printed films nor PVC wear layers.
• The wood grain is digitally printed directly on a dimensionally stable stone composite core.
• High definition scanning technology captures the image of real wood.
• Advanced digital printing replicates the visual and embossing in 3-D.
• The minimal pattern repeat (1 in 30) makes the floor look natural and authentic.
• There are no patterns repeats in a box, expediting installation.
• The EVERTUFF Clearcoat™ gives the product superior durability (AC4 Rating).
• ENSIGNIUM® is suitable for both residential and commercial traffic.
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APEX SDP® is a breakthrough in commercial polyester fiber systems. Using the most advanced polyester extrusion process in the industry, Engineered Floors has developed a high-performance polyester fiber that meets commercial requirements traditionally reserved for nylon. And the solution-dyed coloring process and stain resistance gives you a clarity that lasts even in heavy traffic commercial spaces.

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Since 2009, Engineered Floors has been the innovation leader in the flooring industry with unmatched quality and performance. We continue that approach and deliver on our reputation with our Encore® nylon fiber system built specifically for use in commercial spaces.

With Encore®, the color is integrated directly into the fiber leading to high appearance retention, staining and soiling resistance, and no worrying about “walk out.” These qualities, along with a lifetime warranty for stain removal, wear, colorfastness, and fiber performance make it the ideal choice for commercial applications.

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